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Trust is the essential characteristic of


and team effectiveness

Without trust, leader-follower relationships, teams, and ultimately organizations are doomed to ineffectiveness and potentially failure. Most often, people view trust as an action-based concept where trust equates to reliability. People are trustworthy if they show consistency between what they say and what they do. Our trust building modules in the Five Behaviors ™ and Leadership Development programs view trust as one person’s willingness to allow themselves to become vulnerable to another. To achieve this level of trust open and honest communication, understanding, and empathy to move beyond your own self-interest.
Our programs include the development of a concept termed psychological safety. Psychological safety creates an environment where employees feel free to take risks by challenging the status quo, sharing concerns, asking questions, or admitting mistakes. Psychologically safe organizations eliminate the fear of taking risks due to embarrassment, ridicule, or retribution. It is not about being nice of lowering standards. Rather, psychological safety, coupled with trust, creates conditions where candor and communication flourishes resulting in greater idea generation, increased learning, and the achievement of greater performance levels for teams and organizations.
We will customize our development programs to the needs specific to your organization. We believe in the importance of creating a trusting and psychologically safe environment. We highly recommend that the trust and psychological safety module be included to ensure a strong base from which to build your organization.

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