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Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® Program

The critical work that takes place in modern organizations occurs in teams. Companies spend significant time and resources to find, recruit, and hire top talent. However, a group of talented individuals does not necessarily make the team nor guarantee success
This program provides the participants with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to improve team performance and move the team toward collective success. Additionally, participants will gain insights into the strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities for their team. The interactive and engaging program offers insights, practice and establishes a plan of action in the following five modules for team excellence:
Trust and safety create team cohesion and success and form the foundational program component. Participants attain a clear understanding of the importance and factors that inhibit the development of trust and safety. The module provides clear examples of teams that establish trust and groups that lack trust. Team members participate in projects to create an environment where trust and safety flourish. Each team member makes specific actions to enhance trust and safety within their team and workplace.
Without a culture of trust and safety within a team, individuals often fail to participate and withhold information. Through the development of trust and safety, team members engage in the open and honest debate of ideas necessary to discover new and creative solutions. The productive conflict module equips team members with the skills and practice required to create openness and discussion. The completion of this module prepares the team to discover new insights and ideas essential to team excellence.
Creative solutions and projects often break down due to the failure of team members to attain a mutual understanding of the solution, the inability to establish clear responsibilities, and the lack of commitment to a course of action. The commitment module develops the knowledge and skills necessary for the team to achieve clarity, establish responsibilities, and attain buy-in from all team members. Additionally, team members gain a deeper understanding of factors that inhibit commitment within the team. The team develops an action plan to ensure the team achieves commitment to the project to complete the module.
Even with the team’s commitment to a course of action, the failure to establish a culture of accountability creates a roadblock that prevents team success. The module equips team members with the skills to create two forms of accountability: personal and team. Through personal and team accountability, participants understand that each team member owns the solution and is responsible for collective success or failure. Team members often fail to hold one another accountable. The module allows team members to practice giving positive and constructive feedback and establishes an accountability action plan.
The achievement of results forms the primary objective of a successful team. Unsuccessful teams often fail to focus on collective results. The results module provides clear examples of groups that fail to achieve results and place individual goals ahead of collective success. During the results module, the team establishes a scoreboard that aligns specific objectives with the desired results. Creating a results action plan and reviewing the previously established action completes the module and team building program.
The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team development program is designed for established intact teams. The complete three-day program takes the team through all five components. The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessment provides insights into team strengths and weaknesses. Your organization may choose to modify the program to focus on areas requiring improvement and remove modules of team strength. We strongly recommend retaining the trust module as this component forms the foundation of high-performing teams. Logos provides a one-day team-building program for individuals. The individual program provides the knowledge and skills necessary to become exceptional teammates

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